Welcome to Iden Croft Herbs

Our nursery is open to visitors from March to the end of September and holds an extensive range of culinary & medicinal herbs, a choice selection of perennials, native wildflowers and rare treasures from our two national collections. We also stock a good range of Medieval, Roman and heritage herbs as well as exciting new plant introductions.

We have permanent displays of 60+ named Thymus and 40+ named Sempervivum on the nursery.

Our NCCPG collections of  Mentha and Origanum will be on display on specific days during the Summer



We open for the season on Saturay 18th March 2017

Monday, Tuesday & Friday 11 am - 5 pm

Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays 11 am - 5pm. 

Closed all day Wednesdays & Thursdays